See what people are saying about The Savannah Psychic

Meredith B.

Such a wonderful experience. I was really surprised with how spot on Christi's reading was. She gave me very valuable suggestions on things I can do to make improvements in my life. After my Women's Spirit Healing Session, I definitely felt clearer and more creative.

Julianna D.

Christi is truly a gifted psychic. She gave me a healing and reading for my small business. When she cleared and grounded my energy, I felt SO much peace and relief. The insights she gave me were all spot on, giving me the confidence, courage, and clarity I needed to move forward in the right direction. I cannot wait to get another reading from her!

Cheryl B.

I've had a reading and a healing with Cristi and I've enjoyed both and gained much more confidence in my decisions where before I was just "stuck". I'm already looking forward to my next one!

Diane D.

I had my first session with Christi today and it was a wonderful experience! I needed guidance regarding the worry and concern over my small business and how it is being affected right now. She told me what I should focus on and gave me ideas that I had not even thought about. She is very gifted and I felt so much better after talking to her! I highly recommend Christi and look forward to a future session with her!

Courtney V.

Christi is truly a gifted healer and has an incredible gift. I️ loved the experience and the sanctuary of a space she has created is amazing and truly restorative. Loved everything about my visit and had highly recommend her!

Nikki J.

Christi was on point and amazing. The way she reads is different, which I loved! She picked up on things going on around me and gave me further insight and tips on how to push through! Would highly recommend! Thank you Christi! 💜💜

Kristen B.

Want to see the full picture with your business? Have a session with Christi -- especially if you don't believe in the woo-woo!!! I had a virtual session with Christi this morning and I already feel a change and release of energy. Christi brought up things in our session that only a hand full of people know about my business goals -- she not only helped bring clarity, but also read some great business ideas. Do yourself a favor for yourself and your business, and book a session with The Savannah Psychic! P.S. I also want to mention that I have a lot of respect for Christi as a person. During the stay at home orders this past month, Christi could have promoted her virtual sessions, but made the business decision not to as she felt the energy was not in the right space for her to give 100% to her clients. This means that she made $0 income out of respect for her clients and the work she does vs. making money dishonestly.

Tara K.

Hired T.S.P. for an event in my store and I couldn't say enough good things about her. She was on time, very professional and ALL of my customers enjoyed their interactions with her. The event was a success and we have booked her again. On a personal note, she did a reading for me as well, and I was very pleased. She is a welcomed addition to the area.

Adrienna M.

Christi is absolutely amazing! I have had healings with her, and they have been incredible. I recently had one after a death in the family, and was feeling so disconnected and unsure about the future. But after our healing, I am able to see so much clearer, and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Christi is such a gifted healer, and creates a safe and restorative area for you to heal and grow!

E. E.

All I can say is "Wow". I didn’t know what to expect going into this. I had been suffering from what we all experience in our day to days - Feeling stuck Overwhelmed Exhaustion Apathy Inadequateness I've been searching for answers as far as, How could I do better? How could I be better? What is blocking me? I had reservations, but after Christi's healing, it feels like a weight has been lifted. Having clearer vision on what I want, how to acknowledge what is stopping me, and how to overcome it, has hugely impacted my everyday positivity. Looking forward to next time!

Leslie M.

I had my first reading with Christi recently and she blew me away! She was so warm and welcoming and gave me tons of great info about the energy around where I am, where I am capable of going, and the confidence I need to get there. I am forever indebted to her and can't wait for my next reading. 😊

Anne C.

I was not exactly a skeptic but I was a bit skeptical when meeting Christi for the first time. Now, I am so beyond glad I had a reading with her. I was feeling so stuck and now I have better insight on what to do and WHY I was feeling that way! Anyone feeling unsure about having a reading with Christi should take a leap of faith and see her! I have feel so good and empowered now!

Cheryl D.

Christi is the REAL DEAL! She has a gift and I am so grateful that she shared it with me. I was open and ready and she was honest and concise sharing information that give me a sense of clarity and hope when I needed it most.