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The Savannah Psychic | Clairvoyant & Energy Coach

Oh, hey. I'm Christi.

And I'm not your typical psychic.

I don't read futures, tarot cards or palms. 

I do, however, help people get unstuck in their lives—whether that's work, love or in their athletic career.

So what is it that I actually do?

I'm a clairvoyant. I read energy. 

And I give energy readings.

When someone is stuck in life, it takes an energy force to put them into movement. I am that force. It's a lot like physics. When I give an energy reading, the stuck energy in someone's life transforms or clears and the new energy propels them forward. So they can move on.


It's similar to walking into a therapy or sports psychology session, the client gives me a symptom (i.e. feeling anxiety) and I find the stuck energy to help heal the core issue stuck in their mind and body. 

I'm a trained clairvoyant with 7 years of experience.

And I'm an ex-figure skater and current crossfitter. 


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